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The power of one

Finzly BankOS is a revolutionary, cloud-enabled operating system for bank transformation, delivering unparalleled agility and speed. With seamless plug‑and‑play integrations and pre-built products, it enhances operations and enables transformation without disrupting your core systems.

Finzly BankOS acts as a "sidecar core," streamlining payment processing and managing next‑generation deposits, virtual accounts, FX, and more. Experience effortless management of the modern, real-time banking ecosystem with Finzly BankOS.

The next-gen parallel core

Freedom from core limitations - the smart next‑gen parallel core

Finzly BankOS exposes advanced capabilities to augment your current capabilities through our extensive set of APIs. Wholesale consumption or ala carte consumption for modular capabilities. Our architecture allows us to easily and quickly connect to 3rd party systems including your core.

Future‑ready banking through pre‑built banking apps

Leverage our pre‑built banking applications to quickly launch new products and enhanced customer experiences from one single platform that manages deposits, payments across all rails (orchestrated through our centralized payments hub), foreign exchange, and tailored interfaces for your back-office, consumers, business banking customers and tellers. 

Seamless integration

We accelerate integrations across core systems, compliance, fraud management, and beyond through our robust API suite, adapters, and pre‑wired partner ecosystem.

Automated onboarding

Enjoy automated tenant onboarding on our platform, eliminating configuration errors and allowing you to set up additional tenants for your banks within the same instance.

Breakdown silos

Our integrated services use platform‑wide APIs to optimize efficiency and leverage key functions like audit, fees, CRM, CIF, document management, virtual ledger, and OFAC compliance.

Take total control

Enjoy unmatched freedom with adaptable workflows tailored to your bank's specific needs. Customize experiences, automate tasks, and enhance operational efficiency.

Embedded‑banking ready

Leverage our API suite for seamless integration of platform services like payments, deposits, ledger, and FX across all channels and applications. Additionally, offer a white-labeled sandbox to partners.

Stay compliant

We make it easy for you to be compliant through built-in audit capabilities, multi factor authentication, integration with your existing compliance systems.

ISO20022‑native payments

Enjoy rapid implementation with our direct and certified payment rail connections to Swift, Fed, and TCH - ISO 20022‑certified maximum transformation potential.

Real‑time notifications

Engage your customers in real‑time through their preferred channels. Deliver personalized, timely updates that strengthen customer connections and drive loyalty.

Simplified Real-Time Accounting

Our robust real‑time ledger streamlines your accounting by managing financial accounting across our apps. Maintain accurate, up‑to‑date books and ensure seamless financial management.

Smart experience for everyone

Leverage the power of one simple integration to our robust platform and unlock award‑winning experiences for your consumers, business customers, back‑office staff, and tellers. 

Future‑proof tech stack on the cloud

Fortify your bank's technology foundation with our cloud‑native platform engineered to evolve alongside the industry. Seamlessly integrate the latest advancements - from AI and QR codes to directory services and beyond. Stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your capabilities, delivering exceptional experiences that keep you competitive.

End-to-end security

Finzly BankOS is hosted in a secure, AWS cloud infrastructure that is SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliant. We are a certified solution provider of the Amazon Partner Network and have been battle‑tested for performance and scale, assuring you of real‑time monitoring, automated upgrades, scalable performance, and industry‑leading 99.99% availability.

We employ security best practices including data‑at‑rest encryption, role‑based access controls, multi-factor authentication, and a Zero Trust architecture further strengthening the platform, and safeguarding your critical banking data and operations.