End‑to‑end Foreign Exchange for the modern treasury

Offer your corporate and institutional clients a seamless, automated FX trading experience that drives growth for your treasury services.

Generate recurring revenue with a world‑class FX trading platform

Our comprehensive FX trading platform enables you to monetize your treasury capabilities through transaction fees, spread trading, and value‑added services. 

Trade, Pay, Manage - all in one place: The pinnacle of transaction banking experience

Simplify global transactions for your corporate clients through a unified transaction banking experience. Enable them to seamlessly manage foreign exchange, trade finance, and payments - all within a single intuitive platform.

Offer a truly integrated transaction banking experience for your clients

Seamless FX trading

Provide your clients with real‑time market insights and the ability to execute FX trades directly within the platform, without the need to navigate between multiple systems.

Integrated trade finance

Enable your clients to streamline the management of letters of credit, documentary collections, and other trade finance products alongside their payment activities.

Centralized payments

Equip your clients to initiate, track, and reconcile all their domestic and cross‑border payments from one convenient location.

Transform with confidence, unlock new opportunities

Enhanced control & visibility

Offer FX services to treasury/commercial customers with full pricing control and lifecycle visibility.

Increased revenue opportunities

Attract new customers, offer innovative FX products, and keep 100% of the revenue.

Modern user experience

Streamline customer journeys and boost satisfaction with a user‑friendly platform.

Streamlined automation

Free up staff for strategic tasks with an automated end‑to‑end FX solution.

Global payment capabilities

Empower customers to transact seamlessly across borders with multicurrency support.

Innovative fintech partnerships

Expand offerings and drive innovation through fintech partnerships and open APIs.

Back office

ISO 20022 and Regulatory Compliance

Seamless transition to SWIFT's MX standards and automated compliance with Dodd‑Frank, CFTC, pre/post‑trade requirements, and disclosures

Streamlined FX settlements

Automated integrated payments with dual approvals, validations, screening, with improved straight-through processing.

Seamless confirmations 

Provide clients with paper/SWIFT confirmations and automated matching

Comprehensive accounting

GAAP/IFRS‑compliant accounting for proprietary trading and reporting

Automated reconciliation

Streamline nostro reconciliation to reduce manual efforts

Efficient investigations

Simplified management of payment returns/rejects with audit trails

Front office

Automated trading

Execute algorithmic strategies through auto‑trading with market data integration for rapid execution and position management.

Liquidity management and execution management

Seamless connectivity to FX liquidity providers for efficient liquidity utilization and optimal trade execution across asset classes.

Pricing and risk management

Intelligent pricing controls with tailored tiers, real‑time risk monitoring, P&L analytics, configurable blotters and exposure dashboards.

Limit management

Proactively manage credit, settlement, and transaction limits at point of sale with complete visibility into overall exposure.

Trader tools

Consolidated tools for pricing, executing, monitoring trades along with user‑friendly teller interfaces for assisting clients.

Comprehensive accounting

GAAP/IFRS‑compliant accounting module for proprietary trading, hedged portfolios and reporting.

Customer experience

Comprehensive forex trading

Trade Spot, Forwards, NDFs with real-time exchange rates.

Streamlined cross‑border payments

Execute international payments, batch processing, split payments.

Flexible multi‑currency accounts

Hold, collect, pay in multiple currencies via Infinity Accounts.


Will your product be ready to transact international payments in the new ISO 20022 standards with the Swift?

Yes, we are moving towards the MX messages and until the point of cutover we will continue the support for MT and MX messages.

Do you integrate with our banks' core and other 3rd party systems?

Yes, our solution is core-agnostic and run on the cloud. We will integrate with your core and 3rd party systems through APIs or adaptors.

Will my financial institution have to spend extra cost to meet evolving regulations and standards?

Absolutely not, Finzly takes care of all of these through our constant updates to the platforms, helping you focus on your business without worrying about these.