Go further, faster with Fedwire 

Instant settlements, real‑time visibility, and complete automation.

Fedwire, fit for the future

Process wires on a Fed certified ISO 20022 platform and harness the rich data capabilities of the global standard for payment processing. Think frictionless integration, optimized efficiency and future-proof compliance. All seamlessly connected to your core and other systems with the ability to post in real‑time, available 24/7.

Benefits you can bank on

Accelerated speed to market

Our pre-wired, tested and certified connections to the Fed keep you a step ahead to implement products, keep up with regulations, and launch value-added services.

Strengthened compliance capabilities

Strengthen compliance with robust controls, monitoring, and reporting to meet evolving regulations, mitigate risks, and promote transparency and accountability.

Faster settlements, better liquidity

Optimize liquidity with faster Fedwire processing, reducing capital requirements and settlement risks for better cash flow and risk management.

Superior customer experience

By offering faster, transparent, and efficient payment services through a modern Fedwire system, you can enhance the customer experience. Plus, you can combine it with our next-gen business banking.

Cost optimization and operational efficiency

Streamline payments, automate tasks, and reduce errors for cost savings and efficiency, enabling banks to pursue strategic initiatives.

ISO 20022-native

Send, request and receive wires through APIs, messages or digital banking in the ISO 20022 standard on a Fed certified ISO-native platform.

Workflow automation

Define and customize internal processes and controls. Streamline operations with flexible, automated and auditable workflows.

Award-winning experience

Give your business customers an exceptional wire payment experience to send, request, and receive wires, with real‑time notifications.

Open APIs

Offer complete APIs to internal and external ecosystems, helping them embed wire payment processing in their experiences with real‑time webhook notifications.

Real-time notification

Enhance customer experience with real-time notifications via webhooks and FTP, ensuring timely updates and engagement with your platform.

Multichannel Fedwire connectivity

Support for initiating Fedwire transactions across multiple channels and interfaces – including APIs, bulk files, branches, and digital banking.

Upfront validation checks

Get granular upfront validation of limits, duplicates, fraud, counterparties, balances, and accounts to minimize payment failures.

Sweep transaction automation

Define business rules and thresholds to trigger sweep payments using Fedwire based on account balances, transaction volumes, and schedules.

Finzly Payment Hub

Manage all payment rails in a modern, unified experience.

ISO 20022-native, from initiation to settlement

Imagine being fully-prepared ahead of deadlines – ensuring up to 100% STP and reducing wire settlement times with complete automation. Our Fedwire solution is already Fed certified for ISO 20022. This lets your bank process messages in the new format before the deadline. It also gives you deeper insights into customer transactions, behavior patterns, and preferences. 

Powered by a scalable, real‑time, 24/7, resilient architecture


What is the Fedwire service?

Fedwire is a real‑time gross settlement system operated by the Federal Reserve Banks that provides clearing and settlement services for high-value interbank transactions. It allows financial institutions to quickly and securely transfer large sums of money between each other in real time.

Why is Fedwire moving to ISO 20022 message standards?

Adopting the ISO 20022 message standard should help the market infrastructure meet the increasing customer demands for richer data, help customers more easily comply with evolving regulatory requirements, improve the Fedwire Funds Service’s interoperability with other payment systems in the interconnected, global economy, and help customers enhance their client services.

What is the cutover day to move Fedwire messages to the new ISO 20022 format?

Federal Reserve Banks will adopt the ISO 20022 message format for the Fedwire Funds Service in a single-day implementation strategy on March 10, 2025.

What are the testing deadlines for TPSPs like Finzly and for financial institutions?

Finzly was among the first to achieve Fed certification, announced on April 11, 2024, and in advance of the April 30 deadline for third-party services providers and software vendors. The deadline for financial institutions to complete testing is December 31, 2024.

What types of transactions can be sent via Fedwire?

Fedwire is primarily used for large-value, time-critical transfers, such as the transfer of funds between financial institutions and government agencies. Fedwire can also be used for the transfer of securities and other financial instruments.