Grow revenue with virtual accounts

Onboard more customers, cheaper and faster.

Open a world of opportunities with virtual accounts

Offer dynamic embedded banking experiences, backed by a real‑time 24/7 virtual ledger. Seamlessly integrate with third‑party platforms, unlock new revenue streams and build brand loyalty. 

Explore how to maximize revenue with virtual accounts. Download the Datos report here.

Benefits you can bank on

Rapid onboarding

With For the Benefit Of (FBO) accounts, you can set up virtual accounts in minutes.

Complete control 

100% visibility of transactions with real-time GAAP and IFRS‑compliant accounting.

Risk mitigation

Get real‑time transaction monitoring with Know Your Customer’s Customer (KYCC).

Reduced cost

Manage accounts at scale beyond the core system with more flexibility, and less cost.

Seamless payment connectivity

Offer any payment rail, including FedNow, RTP, ACH, Fedwire, and Swift, providing your customers with a comprehensive suite of payment options, right out of the box.

Real‑time account alerts

Get event‑based customer notifications for ledger‑related activities – and stay in the loop with real‑time updates.

Multi‑currency and multi‑asset accounts

Give your customers the freedom to manage multiple currencies and multiple assets using virtual accounts.

Automated accounting

Get event‑driven, real‑time, rule‑based accounting integrated with general ledger.

Integrated compliance monitoring

Get granular KYC/KYB compliance at the account level.

Branded virtual card issuance

Issue white‑labeled debit cards for virtual accounts.

Rich insights and reporting

Enhancing transparency, efficiency, and compliance for banks. Providing valuable insights and benefits to customers.

Open APIs for embedded banking

Plug‑and‑play APIs for payments, deposits, virtual accounts, FX, and more — all from a single integration

Zero core downtime: enabling seamless 24/7 payments

Say goodbye to core downtime concerns with virtual ledgers that serve as a shadow core, guaranteeing seamless 24/7 instant payments on FedNow and RTP with flawless accounting.