Speedy, flexible, coherent customer data

Serve every customer that comes your way

Your bank, your customers, your way

With our advanced application, customer management has never been this easy. Seamlessly store and manage legal entities including consumers, corporations, financial institutions, and fintech partners. And make the customer experience – customized. 

Benefits you can bank on

Elevated customer loyalty

Tailored onboarding experiences drive higher satisfaction, reducing churn and fostering long‑lasting, profitable relationships.

Amplified revenue opportunities

Deep customer insights enable relevant cross‑selling and upselling from the outset, maximizing initial and continued revenue streams.

Operational optimization

Granular control streamlines onboarding, enabling automated personalization for increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Unmatched customer experience

Hyper‑personalized journeys create superior, memorable experiences that show customers you care.

Data‑driven growth strategies

Robust analytics provide early customer intelligence, informing decisions for targeted product development and strategic growth.

Customer profile management

Record and manage information on various legal entities. Enable management of beneficial ownership details. Perform periodic OFAC checks.

Personalized customer experiences

Offer Superapp functionality to consolidate services, features, and functions in a single app. Facilitate customer segmentation and define entitlements for hyper‑tailored experiences.

Account management

Manage account types end‑to‑end, including core, multi‑currency, virtual, and external accounts. Control features like sweeps, analysis, underwriting, and limits. Set fee tiers at account level.

Customer lifecycle management

Streamline the customer lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding. Utilize data analytics and reporting for insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends.

Notifications and Communication

Support real‑time notifications for business processes and customer updates across multiple channels like email, SMS, SFTP, and webhooks.

Open APIs

Enable seamless integration and real‑time updates of customer data across all banking platforms with open APIs.

Gamification through rewards

Implement gamification with reward points to boost customer loyalty and engagement.

Curated customer onboarding

Harness the power of lifecycle intelligence and onboard customers seamlessly. With complete control, you can craft onboarding journeys that’re hyper‑personalized to each and every customer. Accelerate time‑to‑value by aligning your offering to your customer’s expectations with deft precision. And deliver onboarding experiences so expertly tailored, they’ll feel delightfully unique to every customer.


What types of legal entities can be managed using the Customer Profile Management feature?

The Customer Profile Management feature allows you to record and manage complete information on various legal entity types, including consumers, corporations, financial institutions, and Fintech partners.

How does the app enable compliance with regulatory requirements?

The app enables compliance by facilitating the management of beneficial ownership details and performing periodic OFAC checks to ensure adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Can the app integrate with existing systems and third-party applications?

Yes, the app offers integration capabilities, allowing seamless integration with existing systems and third-party applications. This ensures a unified customer management ecosystem and enhances operational efficiency. Learn more