ACH for the modern institution

Simple, secure and scalable ACH processing.

Leave siloed systems in the past

Offer advanced Automated Clearing House (ACH) solutions to your business clients with multi-channel ACH processing. Scale seamlessly, adapt quickly, and deliver a superior experience across diverse input channels for your customers and bankers. Plus, Finzly’s ACH easily integrates with your core, AML, fraud monitoring, compliance, GL, and account analysis.

Benefits you can bank on

Operational efficiency

A modern ACH solution automates and streamlines payment processing. It reduces manual interventions, improving overall efficiency.


Designed to handle increasing B2B transaction volumes with ease, ensuring smooth operations even during peak periods.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Adheres to latest regulatory requirements and industry standards. Advanced in-built fraud detection and monitoring capabilities.

System Integration

Seamlessly integrates with existing banking platforms and systems including core, AML, GL, Fraud management and account analysis.

Centralized Visibility and Control

Enjoy a central view of all your incoming and outgoing ACH transactions, and conveniently manage transactions from other payment rails centrally.

High volume processing

Process high volumes efficiently with bulk ACH file transfers. Accept NACHA or proprietary formats for bulk ACH origination and receipt including SFTP and API channels.

Risk mitigation

Minimize credit exposure, set custom risk thresholds, and monitor precisely. Use Debit Block to prevent fraud and Positive Pay to filter ACH debits.

Smooth user experiences

Streamline ACH management with a modern interface and a tailored teller experience. Delight business customers with best-in-class digital ACH processing.

Seamless EDI integration

Use our ACH translation services for seamless EDI origination and receipt.

Real-time notifications

Keep customers informed with real-time status updates by their chosen channel. Provide transparency with webhooks, SMS, email, and more for transaction visibility.

Add open API

Process payments via Same Day ACH or standard rails based on business customer needs. Bypass network fees with internal routing capabilities for On-Us transactions.

Efficient cash management

Offer customers the convenience of automatically sweeping funds into and out of their accounts through ACH rails – optimizing liquidity and cash positioning.

Finzly Payment Hub

Manage all payment rails in a modern, unified experience.

End-to-end ACH, no manual processing

Finzly's all-in-one solution eliminates the need to switch between applications or add extra ACH modules. Our powerful ACH APIs enable seamless integration without intermediary layers, allowing you to initiate, receive, request and track payments in real-time and at scale. Enjoy the benefits of unparalleled agility, scalability, and performance without the burden of manual processing.

Powered by a scalable, real‑time, 24/7, resilient architecture


Which channels are supported for ACH origination?

Files, APIs and online banking channels.

Can the solution handle ACH exceptions?

Yes, the ACH app supports ACH Return, Reversal, and Notification of Change (NOC) processed within the ACH app, from either an ODFI or RDFI point of view.

Will Finzly integrate into my core?

Yes – Finzly's product integrates with your bank’s existing core for real-time account validation and posting. 

Where can I access the Finzly Connect APIs for payments?
Does the solution support prefunding?

Yes, the solution supports pre-funding so that transactions can be processed smoothly and without the risk of insufficient funds causing delays or failures in the ACH network.

Does the solution support all Standard Entry Class (SEC) codes for ACH transactions?

Yes, it does.