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Finzly is on a mission to help banks flourish, not just survive.
We enable banks with a smart and modern, real-time banking platform powered with an array of readymade solutions for Treasury, Banking Operations and Payments. Our customers benefit from minimizing operating costs while bolstering customer relationships and improving revenues.
Our humble but illustrious beginning saw the making of our award-winning solutions in foreign exchange, which still retains spotlight as the most preferred FX solution in the US. The expert team at Finzly has expanded our horizons into all facets of banking including Trade Finance, IRS, Digital Account Opening and real-time payments.
Customers need innovation and bankers need the freedom to innovate. That’s why, we developed the smart and modern BankOS platform. While providing a unified and powerful platform, it allows the bankers to pick and choose applications from Finzly, other fintechs and third parties or develop their own bespoke products, to build the bank according to their vision. The rich platform, easily sits alongside the core or can function as a digital core, allowing you to launch products quickly and smartly.

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Our company and our ground-breaking products have been in the spotlight time and again for their unique features – simple yet powerful while helping our customers innovate faster.

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