Bank beyond borders with multi‑currency accounts

Let your customers send and receive payments in multiple currencies.

More freedom for your customers, more revenue for you

Dollars, pounds or rupees? Why choose one when you can have them all. Give your customers the freedom and flexibility of a multi‑currency account. And give your business new revenue streams.

Benefits you can bank on

Effortless International Payments

Allow your business banking customers to send and receive money across borders without the usual hassle.

Take control of global finances

Enable your customers to deposit funds in their preferred currency, simplifying the management of your international transactions.

Pay Anyone, Anywhere

Attract customers by allowing them to send payments abroad in various foreign currencies, all without the fuss.

Faster time to market

Avoid costly core system upgrades. Simply launch our pre-built, multi‑currency app on our cloud-based platform. 

Reduced operational burden

Forget the complexities of multi‑currency management, and free up IT resources for core functions.

New revenue streams

Boost your bottom line with transaction fees, FX conversions and virtual account issuance.

Competitive edge

Carve out a niche as one of the few banks that offer the added perk of a multi‑currency account.

Multi‑currency deposit accounts

Give your customers the convenience of holding multiple currencies in one account. Power infinite use cases in tandem with virtual accounts.

Instant conversion

Send and receive funds quickly and easily, with instant currency conversion

Easy integration

Integrate virtual multi‑currency accounts with accounting software or other financial tools with our virtual account APIs.

Real‑time visibility

Instant access to account balances and transaction history across all accounts

Borderless banking, frictionless transactions

Enjoy a complete set of features including FX, payments, and virtual accounts to manage multi‑currency deposits with ease.


How can MCAs benefit banks?

Multicurrency deposit products differentiate banks from competitors and attract high-net-worth individuals, multinational corporations, and international businesses looking for comprehensive banking solutions.  

What is an MCA?

An MCA allows you to hold and manage funds in multiple currencies within a single account.

What types of businesses can benefit from MCAs?

Businesses that trade internationally, companies with foreign subsidiaries or investments, fintechs offering international payment services.

What is a virtual MCA?

A virtual MCA is a digital version of an MCA, accessible through online platforms and APIs.

What types of deposit products are available with MCAs?

Banks may offer term deposits, sweep accounts, and other interest-bearing products in various currencies.

How does MCA settlement happen?

Multicurrency accounts (MCAs) can be settled through various methods including Direct Correspondent Banking and Nostro Accounts.