The all‑encompassing payment solution for financial institutions 

Say goodbye to fragmented payment systems with a unified payment hub.

A next‑gen, end‑to‑end payment hub for every rail

Leave siloed payment systems in the past. It’s time for a more connected future. Finzly’s Payment Hub brings all payment rails together in one system. And increases Straight‑Through Processing by up to 100%. 

Increase efficiency

With all your payment rails in one place, you’ll eliminate the need to manage disparate teams and systems.

Reduce costs

Minimize the expense of a fragmented payment infrastructure. Maximize returns with less overheads and more productivity.

Boost revenue

Attract customers and unlock new revenue streams with the industry’s most innovative payment features

Mitigate risk

Enhance payment security, lighten the load of reporting, and make regulatory compliance a breeze.

Stay informed

Get a birds‑eye view of payment activities across all rails, and leverage advanced analytics to back up big decisions.

Omnichannel payments

Facilitate payments through bulk files APIs from internal and external applications, or digital banking experiences.

Smart payment routing

Faster or cheaper? Our sophisticated orchestration layer supports rules‑based smart routing based on speed, cost or availability of the recipient bank on the network. 

Customizable workflows

Define your own workflows to suit your compliance measures such as approvals, callbacks, limit checks, OFAC screening and fraud detection.

Seamless integration

Finzly’s Payment Hub works seamlessly on top of your current systems to create a cohesive, end-to-end ecosystem.

Enriched payment data

Automatically enrich payment messages with your core, CRM and GL systems and unlock valuable insights for strategic decision‑making.

Reliable settlement

Get the benefit of Finzly’s certified and managed connections to the Fed, SWIFT, and TCH – for secure and efficient payment settlements.

One platform, infinite possibilities 

Streamline workflows, reduce overheads, and unlock new revenue streams. All from one integrated solution. One platform, one API, one UX, one training programme, one update and one view for all types of payments.


What is a payment hub?

A payment hub is a comprehensive, centralized platform that enables banks to manage all payment operations - processing, settlement, compliance, and reporting - through a single, integrated solution.

How does a payment hub improve efficiency?

By consolidating access to payment rails, workflows, and data, a payment hub eliminates the need to manage disparate systems and teams. This reduces overhead costs, increases productivity, and enables faster adaptability.

What level of scalability does a payment hub solution offer?

Payment hub solutions are built to scale dynamically to accommodate growing transaction volumes and expanding business needs. They leverage scalable architecture, cloud-based deployment options, and horizontal scaling techniques to ensure performance and reliability, 

Is a payment hub solution customizable to specific business needs?

Yes, payment hub solutions like Finzly are typically highly customizable to accommodate the unique requirements of different businesses. We offer configurable workflows, rules engines, and integration capabilities to adapt to specific payment processing workflows and business rules. Talk to us if you have bespoke requirements for your financial institution.

What are some key factors that help in choosing a payment hub?

- Breadth of supported payment rails and capabilities;
- Ease of integration with existing systems;
- Flexibility to customize workflows and controls;
- Scalability to handle growing payment volumes;
- Reliability of the underlying infrastructure and security;
- Advanced analytics and reporting capabilities;
- Availability of a single API;
- Availability of a complementing experience