Lead the charge in modern trade finance

Streamline the management of commercial letters of credit (LCs), standby LCs, and documentary collections.

A trade finance experience you and your clients will love

In today's fast‑paced global economy, trade finance plays a pivotal role in facilitating international trade transactions. Finzly provides a seamless back office automation and an intuitive trade experience that delights both you and your clients.

Offer a truly integrated transaction banking experience for your clients

Seamless FX trading

Provide your clients with real‑time market insights and the ability to execute FX trades directly within the platform, without the need to navigate between multiple systems.

Integrated trade finance

Enable your clients to streamline the management of letters of credit, documentary collections, and other trade finance products alongside their payment activities.

Centralized payments

Equip your clients to initiate, track, and reconcile all their domestic and cross‑border payments from one convenient location.

Enhanced visibility

Deliver your clients complete transparency into their global transactions, with a unified view of their FX positions, trade finance activities, and payment flows.

Benefits you can bank on

Enhanced operational efficiency

The solution streamlines cross‑functional workflows and eliminates data silos, automating manual processes and reducing errors through integrated workflows. It also leverages a single technology stack to minimize maintenance and upgrade costs.

Increased revenue opportunities

The solution allows banks to cross‑sell complementary products and services, expanding the scope of banking services offered to clients and helping banks capture a larger share of their clients' global transaction volumes.

Improved risk management

The solution provides real‑time visibility into clients' FX positions, trade finance activities, and payment flows, enabling proactive monitoring and management of credit, liquidity, and operational risks. It also ensures compliance with regulations through centralized controls and audit trails.

Competitive advantage

The solution differentiates the bank's offering in a crowded market, positioning the bank as a trusted partner for global transaction banking and helping to attract and retain high‑value corporate and commercial clients through outstanding transaction banking experience.

Regulatory compliance

Cutting‑edge screening tools to ensure regulatory compliance across all processes.

Discrepancy management

Simplify management with seamless electronic processing, approval, and audit trail.

Payment processing

Efficiently manage payments, discounts, and settlements throughout the payment cycle.

Comprehensive accounting

GAAP/IFRS‑compliant accounting for proprietary trading and comprehensive reporting.

Automated End of Day

Streamline postings, fee amortization, revaluation, statements, and custom jobs with automated EOD processing.

Document management

Manage templates for diverse customers to create, review, and approve documents.

Trade, Pay, Manage - all in one place: The pinnacle of transaction banking experience

Simplify global transactions for your corporate clients through a unified transaction banking experience. Enable them to seamlessly manage foreign exchange, trade finance, and payments - all within a single intuitive platform.


What is a trade finance solution?

A trade finance solution is a banking product that helps businesses manage the financial aspects of international trade, including letters of credit, documentary collections, and trade financing. It enables companies to mitigate risks, optimize cash flow, and facilitate cross-border transactions.

How can our bank seamlessly integrate Finzly's trade finance solutions into our existing systems?

Finzly integrates with you core and other systems through APIs, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

How does Finzly's trade finance platform enhance operational efficiency for banks?

Finzly's trade finance platform automates manual processes, streamlines workflows, and provides real-time visibility into trade transactions, enabling banks to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.