Dynamic deposit products for dynamic institutions

Customize deposit products, attract customers, and deepen relationships.

Launch deposit products at lightning pace, without limits

Days. That’s how long it takes to launch new deposit products with Finzly. Leave neobanks in the dust by deploying hyper‑tailored products, with superior customer experiences, at rapid speed. Allow your customers to manage their bank accounts using APIs into embedded banking experiences – all without relying on core, middleware or BaaS providers. 

Benefits you can bank on

Be profitable

Reduce cost through core‑independent deposit products. With no need for middleware, offering embedded banking services for deposit products is scalable and profitable.

Be agile

With Finzly, you can launch new, innovative deposit products without waiting for core system updates – resulting in a faster time to market.

Be competitive

Finzly helps you respond to market trends. So you won’t just keep up with your competitors – you’ll stay ahead of them.

Effortless deployment

From traditional checking and savings accounts to high‑yield options, you can design any account to suit any customer.


Offer deposit accounts powered by instant payment rails – giving customers easier transactions with faster settlements.

Seamless account management

Attach customer accounts to your deposit products and set up virtual accounts for infinite scale with ease.

Real‑time visibility

Track account activity, analyze trends, deliver exceptional customer experience. With Finzly, you’ll see the bigger picture.

Third party integration

Seamlessly connect deposit products with third party providers including wealth management and budgeting apps.

Real‑time deposit accounting

Get daily revaluation of foreign currency balances, and posting transactions accordingly. Plus, daily interest credited to accounts based on payment frequency.

Multi‑currency and multi‑asset deposit accounts

Give your customers the freedom of multi‑currency and multi‑asset deposit accounts, and the flexibility to transact on all payment rails.

Statement Generation 

Get ISO and MT standardized account statements, supporting the transmission of transaction information, including deposit account details and balances, between banks and financial institutions. 

Get first-mover advantage by offering FedNow‑powered deposits

Send and receive money in seconds, and give your customers the joy of instant payment ready deposit products.


What types of deposit products can be offered?

Using Deposit from Account Galaxy, customer deposits of types Checking, Savings and Multi Currency Deposits can be offered. The deposit products offered can be custom defined and new deposit accounts can be added and managed under the respective products.

Do you offer APIs for Deposits that the bank can in turn offer to their downstream partners?

Yes, Deposit application is API driven and can be integrated with external applications for onward processing.

What is the 4-eyes check and do you offer it?

The four-eyes principle means that a certain activity, i.e. a decision, transaction, etc., must be approved by at least two people. This controlling mechanism is used to facilitate delegation of authority and increase transparency. Yes, we do offer it.

Give an example of how banks can use the multi-asset feature of Finzly’s Deposit application?

A bank and airline could co-brand a multi-asset account where a portion functions as a loyalty points wallet, allowing transfers between cash and points and offering bonus points for deposits or account activity.