Instant payments for the connected consumer

Offer your customers a simple, secure, and speedy way to pay – and get paid.

Payments at the speed of a click

Today’s consumer expects fast, simple and secure payments. Now you can give them the quickest-ever payment experience in just one click.

Benefits you can bank on

Competitive differentiation

Join the elite few financial institutions in the US offering seamless experience for instant payments, and leave clunky bank experiences behind.

Operational efficiency and cost savings

Streamline payment processes through intelligent automation and routing. Reducing manual interventions, errors, and customer service inquiries.

Expanded revenue opportunities

Get deeper customer insights to help create personalized product and service offerings, with greater engagement and more cross‑selling opportunities.

Instant payments, zero hassle

Get the quickest-ever payment experience, powered by instant payment rails on FedNow and RTP.

Streamlined contact management

Make it easy for customers to create and manage contacts, and send money to friends, family, or vendors with just a few clicks.

Complete control and visibility

Give consumers full visibility over incoming credit payments and debit requests, putting them firmly in charge of their finances.

Smart routing for speed and efficiency

For banks with access to FedNow and RTP, our solution delivers smart routing powered by rule‑based logic. Connect your customers to the optimal rail, ensuring lightning‑fast transactions every time.

Instantly request, receive, and send payments — all on one screen

Meticulously engineered. Powerfully simple. Let your customers manage their finances effortlessly – from lightning‑fast transactions to detailed analytics. All from one intuitive interface.