Empower tellers, delight customers

Simplify payment processing, enhance the customer experience, and watch your bottom line grow.

Payment processing, perfected

Give your tellers the tools they need to handle any payment with ease and confidence. Manage international and domestic payments, including instant payments, with a user‑friendly compliant solution that delights customers.

Unified payment platform

Say goodbye to multiple systems. Our teller app streamlines consumer and business payments into one user‑friendly platform.

Streamline initiation and approvals

Whether it's a local transfer or a cross‑border wire, your tellers can navigate the most complex transactions with confidence. Backed by real‑time exchange rate data for transparent, competitive pricing.

Transparency and trust

Give your customers immediate access to payment confirmations and receipts. Empower your tellers with intuitive dashboards to monitor activities, address inquiries, and compliance.

Frictionless digital verification

Elevate the in‑branch experience by enabling digital identity verification through customer selfies, driving licenses, and electronic signatures. Enhance security, streamline workflows, and deliver a seamless customer journey.

Branch banking with instant payments? That’s a first

Finzly offers the only branch banking experience that helps you initiate instant payments on behalf of your customers. Using the instant availability of funds offered through FedNow and RTP, you can give your customers the speed they need.