Customer Stories

Modernizing Payment Rails Incrementally


Legacy core limitations hindered growth for this commercially focused 100-year banks resulting in:

  • High maintenance costs & tech debt from siloed & redundant systems

  • Slower time-to-market & missed business opportunities due to core rigidity

  • Lack of APIs demanding complex integrations


The bank chose Finzly’s central payment hub to handle both domestic and international payments for their commercial clients. By adopting a modular approach, they successfully launched ACH and Fedwire, with the added flexibility to introduce FedNow and RTP gradually. Finzly's rail-agnostic CashOS payment experiences replaces the current fragmented CX.

Payment rails

  • ACH

  • Fedwire

  • International Wires


  • Business banking: Backbase

  • Core: FIS

  • OFAC, Fraud: Verafin

Finzly armed us with the long-term competitiveness to thrive, collaborate, and compete with fintechs. Finzly gives us the speed and agility to significantly improve our operational efficiency.

LaVonda Renfro, COO, Veritex Community Bank


Finzly’s modern payment infrastructure enables the bank to offer a seamless banking experience to their customers. Results include:

  • Cost reduction due to elimination of redundant systems

  • Improved straight through processing and reduced settlement time

  • Readiness for vertical offerings to commercial customers

  • Accelerated time to market in 6 months

Key Info

Accelerated time to market in 6 months
Improvement in wire processing time
10 mins
Less than 10 minutes to settle Fedwire transactions