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    Virtual Accounts backed by a Virtual Ledger

Grow your revenue with virtual accounts  

Partner with fintechs, embed banking for corporate customers using real-time virtual accounts on a virtual ledger using Finzly's Account Galaxy.
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Participating in the emerging embedded banking business is an important part of our growth strategy. Finzly’s platform and tools are accelerating our speed-to-market entry and enabling us to compete better.
William Gonzalez

COO, Quaint Oak Bank


Power Embedded Banking without the need for middleware

Enable dynamic and flexible embedded banking using your own infrastructure, without relying on third-party middleware for ledgering and accounting APIs.
Virtual Ledgers for BaaS
With Finzly’s virtual accounts, attract fintech partners, allowing them to create single and multi-use virtual accounts  for their customers, enabled for transactions across all payment rails, including instant payments. Our real-time posting to virtual accounts ensures immediate visibility into your fintech partner transactions, while helping fintechs provide instant transaction notifications.

Virtual Ledgers for Corporate Onboarding
Grow your corporate customer base through Finzly’s virtual accounts, helping them automatically reconcile payments and collections with vendors and buyers, or manage the accounting for their subsidiaries or departments. The integration of banking services with ERP systems is becoming increasingly important, as businesses demand APIs that allow for seamless financial operations.
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    Fintech onboarding in minutes

    Allow easy onboarding of fintechs using For the Benefit Of(FBO) accounts; Issue virtual accounts for their customers in minutes.

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    Complete control & visibility

    Enjoy complete control and visibility of virtual account transactions with real-time GAAP & IFRS-compliant accounting.

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    Risk mitigation through KYCC

    Integrated real-time transaction monitoring at a virtual account level(Know your customer's customer) greatly reduces compliance risk.

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    Reduced cost for accounts

    Manage accounts efficiently, including generating statements, on a larger scale beyond the core system. This offers flexibility, speed, and most importantly, cost savings in account management.

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    Sophisticated embedded banking experience

    Seamlessly integrate virtual ledgers into corporate clients' ERP, AR/AP systems, enhancing the efficiency of accounts receivable & payable management.

Unlimited Embedded Banking use cases with Finzly's Virtual Accounts

Automatic corporate payments and collections reconciliation through API integration

Payments on behalf of
Unique virtual account numbers for clients enabled segregated payments and automated reconciliation, reducing manual efforts and errors while improving transparency.

Collections on behalf of
Automated allocation of incoming client payments to corresponding virtual accounts, with consolidated reporting for collections.

Composable deposit products for fintech customers (Deposit-as-a-Service)

For example, banks can offer High-yield Savings Deposit Account for neobank’s customers using the composable deposit product feature.

Virtual account maintenance for platform/fintech customers
(Ledger as a Service)

For example, a ride-sharing app could have separate virtual accounts for driver payouts and rider deposits, providing better control over the flow of funds.

Loyalty programs using multi-asset features of the ledger

For example, merchants can set up virtual accounts for their customers in a non-fiat asset like rewards or points. This currency can be earned by their customers by purchases or reviews. Virtual accounts provide users with clear visibility into their loyalty points balance and transaction history.

Multi-currency virtual accounts

For example, a travel platform with customers in different countries might want to set up multi-currency virtual accounts for travelers based on their country. Customers can choose to pay in their preferred currency or the local currency of the destination. 

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What are virtual accounts?

Virtual accounts are like smaller accounts inside a regular bank account. They effectively split the balances of the main account and allocate each transaction to its respective virtual account. Each virtual account keeps track of its own starting and ending balance and records all incoming and outgoing transactions. Importantly, the total of all virtual account balances always corresponds to the total balance of the physical account.

What are virtual ledgers?

Virtual ledgers are digital accounting systems or platforms designed to manage and track the financial activities associated with virtual accounts. These ledgers provide the infrastructure for creating, maintaining, and reconciling virtual accounts within a larger financial ecosystem. They typically offer features such as real-time transaction recording, balance monitoring, reporting capabilities, and integration with banking systems or other financial software.

What are some of the challenges posed by the current model of supporting BaaS/embedded banking at banks?

The current process at most banks involves an intermediary BaaS gateway that offers payment/account APIs to fintechs/corporate customers. These APIs are integrated onto existing banking legacy systems, which cannot cope up with the scale and flexibility needed for embedded banking. Eventually, this setup frequently leads to limited visibility for banks into the transactional activities of fintech companies, as fintech-managed accounts are separate from the banks' own account structures. This division presents challenges for traditional banks in terms of monitoring and integrating services.

How is reconciliation improved with virtual accounts backed by virtual ledgers?

Virtual ledgers act as a single source of truth for all virtual account transactions. This eliminates the need to reconcile multiple statements and spreadsheets, streamlining the process and minimizing errors.

What advantages do banks gain in terms of compliance through the use of virtual-ledger supported accounts?

Virtual ledgers provide a clear audit trail for all transactions in virtual accounts. This enhances transparency for businesses and regulators, making compliance easier.

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