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Send and Receive RTP® Payments on the go

Get in the fast lane for instant payments on the RTP® through our turnkey solution to Send and Receive instant payments on a preconnected, API-friendly payment infrastructure. Monetize and productize instant payments with great ease.
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Accelerated Instant Payments Adoption

Say no to fragmented solutions for RTP®. We have you covered for the entire RTP® payments journey - starting from a great online experience for payment initiation to a modern payment infrastructure on cloud-based platform. Effortlessly become a sponsor bank to fintechs who want to embed instant payments in innovative solutions. 

Send and Receive RTP® payments on a 24/7/365 model through multiple channels - APIs, bulk files and digital banking.

Workflow Customization

Take full control of RTP® processing through configurable workflows - automate fully or take control through additional steps. 

Direct connections to TCH

Take advantage of our direct connections to the RTP® network and enjoy an accelerated go-to-market.

One solution for RTP® & FedNow

Enjoy cost savings by processing both RTP® and FedNow payments using the same central payment hub.

ISO20022-Native Platform

All messages for RTP® are sent/received in ISO20022-native format. Easily add overlay value-added services to power innovation.

Smart Routing

Orchestrate payments with smart routing through the correct rail depending on pre-defined, customizable rules.


What is the difference between Zelle and Instant Payments?

Zelle is a system for customers to send money to people they know using a mobile phone number or email address as an option to identify the recipient while Instant Payment networks allow senders to use the routing number and checking or savings account number of the recipient’s bank account. 

What are banks’ options to connect to the RTP® Network?

There are two options to connect to the RTP® network: federally insured US depository institutions can connect directly or connect through a Third Party Service Provider (TPSP) like Finzly. 

We are a small community bank. Can we still process instant payments on the RTP®network?

Of course, you can. Using a Third Party Service Provider (TPSP) like Finzly, you can start processing payments on the RTP® network effortlessly.   

What is the maximum amount one can send through RTP®?

$1 million is the current credit transfer limit on the RTP® network.  

What is the difference between Instant Payments, real-time payments, and faster payments?

  • Instant payments and real-time payments are essentially the same thing; the Federal Reserve uses the term Instant Payments while The Clearing House uses real-time payments (RTP®) 

  • On the other hand, a faster payment is a payment system that posts and settles payments faster than traditional payment rails. For example- NACHA's Same Day ACH and Zelle. While they are fast, they don’t necessarily settle in real-time.  

Can banks use both FedNow and RTP®?

Yes, banks can choose to offer one or both instant payment rails. They can choose to start with one and add another or drop one and add another. This becomes easy with a payment hub like Finzly's Payment Hub, which simplifies switching between rails.

What is the best strategy to get started with real-time payments at my bank?

We recommend that launching real-time payments at your bank needs a concrete strategy as it involves technical, operational and business model changes. Book an advisory session with our payments experts to understand how other banks are embarking on this journey. 

Will Finzly integrate into my core?

Yes – Finzly's product integrates with your bank’s existing core for real-time account validation and posting. 

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