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Finzly Launches Cash & Treasury Management SuperApp

Finzly Experience Hub offers cutting-edge treasury experience to manage accounts, payments and global treasury needs of business customers through a digital banking portal and Open APIs that can be embedded into 3rd party apps.


Finzly, a fintech provider of modern banking applications for payments, foreign exchange, trade finance and BaaS, announced today that it has released an advanced version of its treasury experience platform for banks’ corporate customers. Finzly’s Experience Hub can be embedded into banks’ existing digital banking platforms or can be offered as the primary digital banking experience, enabling banks to offer global transaction banking to business, commercial and corporate clients.

Each business’s banking needs are different. However, they have been underserved with “one-size-fits-all†business banking platforms, leaving them frustrated, having to toggle between many Excel spreadsheets, cash and treasury management solutions from multiple providers, and yet, having to handle manually intensive processes. Finzly’s Experience Hub solves this problem by offering several business banking apps within one SuperApp platform, allowing banks to curate banking services according to the needs of the individual businesses.

Additionally, corporates also demand real-time banking, zero reconciliation and open API connectivity to embed banking services into their treasury management systems to help them manage their liquidity better.

Using Finzly’s Experience Hub, SMBs, commercial and corporate customers can manage all their accounts, payments, beneficiaries, and authorizations through a simple and sleek self-service portal. Business customers can manage users and their privileges, initiate domestic (ACH, Fedwire, RTP & FedNow) and international payments with real-time email notifications to approvers, and manage bulk payments. Customers can also prevent fraud with Positive Pay and other fraud prevention features. The suite of services conveniently extends itself to FX trading under the same portal, allowing customers to buy and sell currency, and use multi-currency accounts to efficiently manage their global treasury.


“Finzly knows how hard it is for a business with the limited banking functionalities offered in today’s online banking platforms. We ourselves as a business ended up using multiple fintech solutions because of such limitations. That’s why Finzly has reimagined banking to better serve business customers. We are pleased that Finzly’s Experience Hub can help banks deliver world-class treasury experience tailored to the individual needs of their customers from a SuperApp, enabling them to strive towards relationship excellence with their corporate customersâ€, remarked Booshan Rengachari, founder and CEO, Finzly.

Source: PRWeb