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Staying ahead of the curve with RTP & FedNow adoption

Is your bank getting ready to navigate the unknown waters of FedNow and RTP?

The value of instant payments is predicted to grow by 500% over the next 5 years, predominantly due to inter-scheme connectivity and other innovation happening in cross-border instant payments, A2A payments and open banking.

This whitepaper gives you a head start to stay ahead of the curve with the adoption of FedNow and/or RTP.


Real-time payments are table stakes at almost every discussion panel. However, most of these deliberations lead to dead ends with banks waiting for an ROI justification to make the adoption decision. If banks don’t appease their business customers with payment experiences similar to peer-to-peer yardsticks, banks will lose out to fintechs and other progressive financial institutions. Many banks are complacent because of the failure to see the ROI on investments in payments.

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