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Whitepaper || Making the Most of Instant Payments by Steve Ledford

For several financial institutions, the ability to receive payments instantaneously is merely the first step towards meeting customer expectations. Financial institutions are faced with the challenge of effectively integrating instant payment "send" capabilities. Drawing from years of experience in the payments industry, Steve Ledford has played a pivotal role in bringing faster payment solutions to the US.

In this white paper, Steve Ledford shares valuable insights and practical tips to: 

  • integrate instant payment "send" into financial institutions' current offerings
  • manage the instant payments "send" integration strategically through a comprehensive plan
  • achieve tangible results faster through APIs for instant payment

About the Author


Steve Ledford

Steve recently retired from The Clearing House as a Senior Vice President, where his expertise and 41-year legacy in the payment industry were instrumental in the launch of the RTP® network. Steve’s strategic participation in the steering committee of the Faster Payments Task Force and the Faster Payments Council has demonstrated Steve’s ability to cut through the complexity of instant payments implementation and adoption. Steve has also held senior management positions at Novantas, a financial services consulting firm, McKinsey’s global payments practice, and Global Concepts, a consulting and research firm. He is a graduate of Wofford College with a BA in Economics.

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