Immediate cross-border payments are becoming a reality

France’s EBA Clearing, Belgium’s SWIFT, and the U.S.’s The Clearing House (TCH) are working together to launch Immediate Cross-Border Payments (IXB)

What are Immediate Cross-Border Payments(IXB)?

IXB is a new initiative that aims at achieving the synchronisation of settlement in one instant payment system with settlement in the other. TCH’s EVP for Product Development Russ Waterhouse comments,

“By utilizing existing faster payments systems, financial institutions can leverage existing processes, protocols, and technology to make the user experience seamless across payment types, whether domestic or cross border.â€

Who is spearheading the initiative?

A total of 11 banks contributed to IXB’s design. Seven banks, including Bank of America, BBVA Group, Citi, HSBC, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, J.P. Morgan, and PNC Bank, participated in the proof of concept.

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