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Launch FedNow effortlessly on our modern, fully certified platform, leveraging our direct connection to the FedNow network to get to the market as an early mover for sending and receiving instant payments.
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Integrated digital banking experience for FedNow payments

Enjoy multi-channel support for payment initiation through APIs, integration to your digital platform, bulk files or Finzly's cutting-edge digital payment experience. Your customers can start sending FedNow payments from day 1 of the service!

We believe in being strategic partners to our customers in a journey like FedNow or RTP, which calls for preparing to navigate unchartered waters. Whether it is value-added services, technology adoption or preparing operationally for instant payments, we've got your back.
Booshan Rengachari

Founder and CEO, Finzly


Seamless Early Adoption of FedNow

Be an early mover with a core-independent solution that provides you the real-time agility needed to adapt, deliver and grow in the new payment ecosystem. Leave the heavy-lifting to us and differentiate using a modern, award-winning platform.
Freedom to choose any participation type

Our solution supports all participation types. SEND and RECEIVE or RECEIVE only, SETTLEMENT SERVICES and LIQUIDITY TRANSFERS - choose the one that suit your needs.

Revenue through instant payment APIs

Be the bank behind fintechs looking for instant payment APIs. Open new revenue streams and grow your customer base by seamlessly onboarding fintechs through Finzly's Fintech Hub.

Differentiation through value-added services

Offer Request for Pay & differentiate using account-to-account instant payments to power merchant payments, invoicing, subscriptions, bill payments,fundraising and more!

Instant payment experience for Treasury customers

Offer instant payments experience as part of your digital banking and offer a sleek self-service portal with a customizable Superapp for SMB, Commercial and Institutional clients.

Integrated Fraud Management for instant payments

Experience an integrated real time cross-channel, cross-payment fraud detection to identify payment anomalies through our partner ecosystem for managing fraud. 

ISO 20022 compliant messaging for FedNow and RTP

Experience rich and structured payments data that is ISO 20022 compliant for both domestic, instant and cross-border payment rails, seamlessly building use cases for value-added services. 


Can a bank adopt both RTP and FedNow? If so, does my bank need two different systems?

Yes, banks can choose to offer one or both the instant payment rails. Many banks choose to start with one and add another or drop one and add another. This becomes easy with Finzly’s payment hubs which supports both the rails, making the switch between rails easy. 

No, your bank doesn’t need two different systems. If your bank chooses a sophisticated payment platform like Finzly, you only need one system for both RTP and FedNow. You can start with either or both. 

Is Finzly’s platform natively designed for ISO 20022 messages on FedNow and RTP?

Yes, Finzly’s platform is natively designed to handle messages in the ISO 20022 format for FedNow and RTP.  

My bank wants to adopt FedNow in 2023. What should we be doing now?

Finzly is helping banks to become early adopters and is already pilot-testing the service with the Fed and other bank participants. We can schedule a demo and get you started on your FedNow journey.  

Will FedNow cannibalize other payment rails?

FedNow is a payment rail launched independent of existing payment rails to support instant payments. It does not mean the end of any existing payment rail including FedWire, ACH or SWIFT. The instant payment rails will drive more payment volumes through the FedNow network, for those payments that need speed and can benefit from the richness of data. 

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There’s no longer a reason for your bank to lack competitive, technological advantages. Instead, you’re free to innovate at the speed of fintech so both you and your customers have the services you need to thrive in today’s world.

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