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One solution for RTP and FedNow

Stop juggling between different solutions, experiences and payment operations for RTP and FedNow. Enjoy an open API-based solution based on ISO 20022 standards, that centralizes payments processing. Effortlessly set up rules and fees to send payments in real-time using RTP and FedNow using the smart-routing features of our award-winning payment hub.

We believe in being strategic partners to our customers in a journey like FedNow or RTP, which calls for preparing to navigate unchartered waters. Whether it is value-added services, technology adoption or preparing operationally for instant payments, we've got your back.
Booshan Rengachari

Founder and CEO, Finzly


Accelerate adoption with pre-integrated connections to RTP and FedNow

Be an early mover with a core-independent solution that provides you the real-time agility needed to adapt, deliver and grow in the new payment ecosystem. Finzly's platform comes with pre-integrated connections to all the payment networks including domestic, international, and instant payments.
Freedom to choose any participation type

Our solution supports all participation types. SEND and RECIEVE or RECEIVE only, SETTLEMENT SERVICES and LIQUIDITY TRANSFERS - choose the one that suit your needs.

Revenue through instant payment APIs

Be the bank behind fintechs looking for instant payments. Open new revenue streams and grow your customer base with embedded finance through fintech partnerships.

Differentiation through value-added services

Offer Request for Pay & differentiate using account-to-account instant payments to power merchant payments, invoicing, subscriptions, bill payments,fundraising and more!

Integrated Treasury Payment Experience

Offer instant payments experience as part of your digital banking and offer a sleek self-service portal with a customizable Superapp for SMB, Commercial and Institutional clients.

Integrated Fraud Management for instant payments

Experience an integrated real time cross-channel, cross-payment fraud detection to identify payment anomalies and risks. Meet the evolving fraud threats with confidence using integrated fraud management.

ISO 20022 compliant messaging for FedNow and RTP

Experience consistent, rich and structured payments data that is ISO 20022 compliant for both domestic, instant and cross-border payment rails. Effortlessly build use cases for value-added services using these standards.

FedNow with Finzly


See how you can gain speed and agility in launching FedNow. Open a world of limitless possibility, breaking free from the constraints of the core, into a futureproof, open, cloud-native, API-based solution that can seamlessly lend itself to innovative use cases for instant payments. Watch our video to learn more.

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There’s no longer a reason for your bank to lack competitive, technological advantages. Instead, you’re free to innovate at the speed of fintech so both you and your customers have the services you need to thrive in today’s world.

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