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Finzly FX Helps Regional Bank Achieve 100% Customer Growth YOY


One of our customers, a $61B bank, was looking for an innovative FX solution to attract and provide end-to-end FX services to their corporate clients. The bank was on the lookout for a partner who could not only support the growth of their international banking services but also provide a complete FX solution that could effectively handle the following challenges:

  • Current FX platform was outdated and did not support the growth of their treasury management services.

  • Opportunity loss in acquiring new customers due to the obsolete FX platform.

  • Inadequate customer retention attributed to the use of the cumbersome FX platform.

  • Customers and bankers struggled with an interface that was outdated and counterintuitive.


Following a swift and smooth implementation, the bank successfully launched our FX solution, FX STAR . This modern, cloud-native platform takes an API-first approach to cater to the global banking requirements of their corporate clients. The platform offers a user-centric web portal for convenient self-service, facilitates management of multi-currency accounts, enables easy payment initiation, and allows independent administration of internal users, including their permissions and limits.

The solution provides comprehensive features that include streamlining the pricing, trading, risk management, settlement processing, confirmations, matching, accounting, compliance, reporting and nostro reconciliation.

Functioning as the international banking core for the bank, the FX STAR platform establishes seamless connections with the bank's core system and other 3rd party systems such as AML, OFAC, and market data. Finzly’s open architecture utilizes configurable workflows, distributed computing, accelerated "in-memory" data grids, user-friendly "drag and drop" reporting, and real-time monitoring to enhance efficiency.

Finzly's FX solution provides customer success on the front end and automation on the back end. It’s a simple and intuitive experience, filling all the gaps to offer a friction-free customer and banker experience.

Head of International Banking


Customer Growth YOY
Sales Growth YOY
High increase in back-office Efficiency