Case Study

Finzly FX STAR Helps Bank Achieve a CAGR of 180% Over 6 Years

The first bank in the U.S. to run FX services in the cloud


One of our clients, one of the 50 largest bank holding companies in the U.S., had a vision for international growth to establish an in-house FX operation that would serve customers effectively and efficiently. Their customers were looking for world class and high-touch foreign exchange services with competitive exchange rates.
Finzly's FX STAR product enabled them to offer in-house foreign exchange services that auto-hedged
market risk without having to employ a trader. This bank became the first bank in the U.S. to run FX services in the cloud with auto trading.
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Finzly allows the building of programmable banks using an award-winning platform. Banks can launch new products and services for Payments, FX, BaaS and more using readymade apps from an app store ecosystem.
Our client needed a solution that that focused on modern technology, a better customer experience, and improved efficiency to address the following challenges:
  • Losing revenue opportunities from outsourcing FX.

  • The technology used by its network of partner banks was outdated.

  • Without a world-class offering, they were missing out on new customer acquisition and deposit opportunities.

  • Customers struggled with a clunky interface.


The bank wanted to find the right partner who provided a differentiated experience and offered the flexibility to scale with their business. The concept of operating in the cloud was still new for banking at the time, but they were convinced that Finzly’s FX STAR was the right product to execute their vision. Within 3 months of the contract, the bank went live with a world-class, cloud-based foreign exchange offering that auto-hedged market risk without having to employ a trader. Our solution enabled their customers to make international payments with competitive exchange rates and make the previously outsourced FX an in-house function. The bank became the first bank in the U.S. to run foreign exchange services in the cloud with auto trading and straight through processing technology.


The bank was able to deliver an excellent customer experience and offer competitive exchange rates following the implementation of Finzly's FX STAR.

180% CAGR in 6 Years

The bank saved substantially on fees from previously outsourced FX and acquired customers from their competitors due to their world-class international banking

$3.5M in annual FX revenue

Our back-office automates many tasks and improves processing efficiency, allowing them to continue to grow without processing bottlenecks.

Zero instances of fraud

The bank has had zero instances of fraud since implementation of FX STAR.

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The partnership continues

Our client continues its partnership with Finzly and leverages the following Finzly products: Spot and Forward Transactions, Multi-currency Accounts, Corporate Online Customer Portal, Branch Wire Portal, Commercial Letters of Credit, Standby Letters of Credit, and Documentary Collections.
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