Cloud Infrastructure Engineer


Charlotte, NC


  • Design and implement new secure and highly available aws hosting solutions for new applications using aws vpc, vpn, ec2, ecs (fargate), s3, cloudfront, elb, dns, rds, cloudwatch, lambda and more.

  • Lead effort to create an “infrastructure as code” strategy leading to automated provisioning and management of all aws resources.

  • Perform blue/green deployment strategy by creating new applications which are identical to the existing production environment using cloud formation templates & route53 weighted record sets to redirect traffic from the old environment to the pristine environment via DNS.

  • Implement sso solutions that use oauth, oidc, and saml to secure container-based microservices and provide seamless single sign-on with external entities.

  • Change over existing aws infrastructure to serverless architecture (aws lambda, kinesis) through the creation of a serverless architecture using lambda, api gateway, route53, s3 buckets.

  • Implement and manage cloud-based relational and document databases at scale for saas based systems. 

About Finzly

Finzly is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and was founded in 2012 by financial engineers whose mission is to create a modern, real-time, and responsive platform for bankers who need to break free from core limitations. Our initial success and wider adoption arrived after the introduction of our foreign exchange, trade finance, lending, digital banking, and branch banking solutions. Finzly is on a mission to free banks from their core banking systems and core-vendor limitations, by creating an Appstore ecosystem that empowers banks to launch new products and services instantly and easily. Finzly enables financial institutions to make smarter technology decisions while getting to market at fintech speed.

Recently, Finzly has won the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” award of 2022 & 2023, the "Great Companies to Work for in North Carolina" award in 2024, and the “Best Parallel Core Technology” award at the NACHA Smarter Faster Payments Conference in 2023.


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