Corporate treasury requirements do not simply start and stop with bank accounts and payments – they span their entire business lines and channels. SwapsTech’s Galaxy Treasury is the true and only treasury management system in the market, offering a complete collection of solutions and applications, including foreign exchange, trade finance, electronic invoicing, payments, and interest rate hedging, that are required for an efficient functioning of the corporate treasury.

Smart board

Immediately experience the difference upon login, with an AI dashboard providing the treasury professionals, concise and relevant information across applications and processes. The system insight fully keeps users informed about the product solutions more applicable to their business, with configurable widgets of missed payments, upcoming payments, expiring contracts/agreements, calendar of events, mark-to-market reports, market news, bank announcements, alerts, customer service responses and many more.

Account Management

Enable the corporate customer to not only manage accounts at your institution, but allow them to consolidate all other accounts at other banks, including foreign currency accounts, under your platform. Enhance the individual client experience with focused products, using our unique AI data management tools. Provide historical transaction information, bank statements, tax statements, notices and all documents associated with the account; review credit lines, balances, collateral valuation in one central place.


Upload invoices, pay electronic invoices, initiate one-time payments, setup recurring payments, for both domestic and international beneficiaries. The Galaxy platform provides a unique, best in class experience for both remitter and beneficiary alike, with customizable payment status information. Your payments are secure to the highest standards, with configurable security, multiple approval, payment limits, approval limits, and two factor-authentication.

Trade Finance

Go green and create an easy and efficient client experience, with SwapsTech’s best in class online client interface. Customers can manage a wide range of trade products, including commercial letters of credit, standby letters of credit, documentary collections, letter of indemnity, and more. Reduce errors, improve efficiency and efficiently manage documents, with our customizable interface, create editable templates, upload/receive documents, pinpoint and resolve discrepancies and approve/receive payments from a single portal.

Foreign Exchange

Empower the treasury professional to place orders, trade foreign currency spot, forward, window forward, non-deliverable forward, swap and option contracts, with streaming rates, dealer-intervention, real-time position blotter, splitting/netting-payments, electronic confirmations and configurable settlement delivery instructions. FX Star is the first system designed to manage the new derivative regulations and reporting as part of the core operating system.

Interest rate hedging

Provide your treasury department with the tools to interest rate risk. SwapsTech’s IR Star allows you to actively manage IR risk across a variety of instruments. Manage risk on a matched loan basis or at a portfolio level. Create term sheets and confirmations, daily valuations, mark-to-market reports, reset notices, and reduce excessive manual paper work and phone calls throughout the life cycle of a typical multi-year servicing instrument. As with other SwapsTech modules, IR Star provides you with the tools to manage the complex regulatory environment of today’s derivative products.

Electronic Invoicing and Payments

Offer white label invoicing solution to your customers, and help them accelerate their cashflow and eliminate excessive paper work. Allow your customers to setup products and services, setup payment methods, offer early payment discounts, create one-time invoices, schedule recurring invoices, connect with your accounting software and have the invoices electronically transmitted to their customers instantly. Bill payers can acknowledge, approve, dispute, reject invoices, and make payments safely and securely.

Customer Service

Smartly and efficiently deliver the service your customers expect, by promptly placing them with the bank associates in the corresponding departments. Easily facilitate their opening

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