Finzly Unveils Banking Transformation Solution, BankOS

Following its recent corporate name change from SwapsTech to Finzly, Finzly is excited to announce its latest solution for banking transformation, Finzly BankOS. BankOS is targeted at banks who are crying out for fast, innovative digital solutions to problems but remain mired in bureaucratic processes and antiquated technology. BankOS is the foundation of how Finzly will solve problems for its customers in the future. It’s micro service architecture and Appstore of established services enables real-time, responsive, integrated experiences for commercial and retail customers of a bank.

Founder and CEO Booshan Rengachari asserts, “BankOS is the culmination of 3 years of research and development by our expert financial engineering team. As our revenue grew, we reinvested heavily in the future of our platform and brought to life BankOS. With Finzly BankOS, banks will be able to deliver new products and services at the speed of fintech, drastically cutting down cost and time to market. At Finzly, we want banks to modernize their internal operations and external channels rapidly, allowing them to compete confidently.”

Terry Howell, Chief Technology Officer declares, “Our Bank OS provides an app store development model backed by microservice enabled Open APIs. When a bank adopts BankOS, we map our API adapters to the bank’s existing core providing a digital backbone to unlock the bank’s digital potential. This allows banks to use all Apps from the Finzly App Store. Just click, verify and go live. We deliver continuous innovation with zero downtime keeping the banks at the edge of technology – all the time.”

Finzly is proud to be at the forefront of open banking and innovation. Come and experience how Finzly BankOS can transform your bank.

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