Get ready for FedNow. Get ready for the future of payments

Launch FedNow with the award-winning payment experts.
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Get ready for  <span class="f_700">FedNow</span>. Get ready for the future of payments

Solution Benefits

Core Independent Launch

Hamstrung by legacy core constraints? You can still launch FedNow. Finzly’s digital core integrates in just a few weeks, without a time-consuming, expensive and arduous core overhaul.

Future Proof

Payment Galaxy brings all your payment rails – ACH, Wires, SWIFT, RTP and FedNow, under one digital roof. Make it easy for the demands of embedded finance and open-banking

Straight through processing

Finzly’s payment hub not only routes, but also clears and settles payments, unlike other hubs. Offer an end-to-end payment solution and reduce TCO with consolidation.


Offer a sleek and modern experience to your customers and bankers with Finzly's digital banking APIs & impress your customers with a fintech-like experience.


We support all participation types. SEND and RECIEVE or RECEIVE only, SETTLEMENT SERVICES and LIQUIDITY TRANSFERS. Choose the ones that suit your needs. We can arrange settlement services and liquidity if you need them.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Achieve multi-fold cost reduction & quick time to market with our payment core, all-in-one payment hub and end to end processing compared to piecemeal offering from others.

Enable Fintech Partnerships

Be the bank behind the fintechs looking for instant payments. Open up new revenue streams and grow your customer base with embedded finance through fintech partnerships.

Provide value-added services

We provide Request for Payment - a powerful tool that FIs and their customers can use to unlock additional value in a variety of payment use cases like send e-invoices, receive instant bill payments

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